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    WELCOME TO THE Mixed Nuts Tournament!

    This rules packet contains all the information needed to participate in the rough and tumble world of Denver 113th Irregulars Tournaments. The Denver 113th irregulars gaming club is hosting their first multi-week Mixed Nuts Tournament.  You do not have to be a member to participate in this tournament but we would like to invite you to become a member.

    The who: open to all 40k gamers.

    The what: a Team tournament designed to be Nuttier then a Bag of Squirrels.

    The how much: a $10 dollar entry fee per team, which goes to prizes. participation is limited so please sign up as early as possible

    The when: sep6, 2014.



    Note about Judges, Rulz and being a Git

    There are no independent judges in this tournament. Rule disputes to be handled by a neutral party or by simply “dicing off”. You impartial party is unavailable you may contact a club officer for a ruling.

    ‘Denver 113th Irregulars tournaments are all about commanding large armies and doing your best to blast your opponent to bits. At its heart though, the ‘Denver 113th Irregulars is about having fun. So don’t be a git! In other words do your best to win, but win nicely.

    Anyone not adhering to these principles may be asked to leave the tournament.


    How the Mixed Nuts Tournament Works

    This is a 3 round tournament


    Time limits: 2.5 hours


    Before the game begins, players should determine the nature and game impact of each piece of terrain.


    The ‘Denver 113th Irregulars Mixed Nuts Tournament is an Closed list tournament. You will be required to provide a copy of your army list to judges before the tournament and to each opponent before each game begins.  Army lists are to be submitted before the tournament and will be posted on the club's website. Lists will be checked throughout the tournament and if you are found to have an illegal list you will be disqualified. Check that math Boyz! Note: there are no painting, composition scores at Mixed Nuts Tournament.



    • Your Army

    • A copy and of you army list

    • Rulebooks and any other books you need

    • Pen and paper

    • Dice and templates and objective markers.

    • Tape measures




    Each team has 3,000 points for selection of an army. That breaks down to 1,250 for each player and a 500 points that can be spilt between the two of you any way you want.


    You and your teammate can take any armies you like. No ally Chart!


    You may intertwine your armies i.e. IC can join each others units’, ride / deploy in each other’s transports. And rule that says all friendly units work for both of you. It as if you are all from the army.


    Special Characters are permitted, subject to the normal restrictions for that character in the Codex. You cannot take the same Unique Character as you team mate


    Only armies listed in the Approved Army Lists section may be taken.


    Battle-forged Armies. You still need to use the Force Organization Chart (FOC) (no more than 2 FOC! Per team), and need to make a legal army. You may use any Special FOC in your codex

    Fortifications and Lords of war may be purchased (see ForgeWorld lordsofwar.pdf)

    Forge World models with the 40K stamp will be permitted.

    NO Allied detachment will be permitted.



    • Table size is standard 4’x6’


    • Standard 40 K. rules will be used no expansion sets. i.e. Apocalypse, Cities of Death, Planetstrike, will not be used.


    • Closed list tournament. Meaning that you will NOT need to tell your opponent what you have in your transports or what you have in Reserves. Your opponent and you are both allowed to review each other’s’ lists, and ask questions, After the game. Your list will need to include stats as well as point cost. Army builder or equivalent is recommended.


    • Only one army list may be used during the tournament. Players may not adjust lists between games.


    • Substitutions: Models must reasonable repasent what their supposed to be.


    ·         Warlord traits will be selected not randomly generated at the beginning of Each round before the game.


    ·         Physics will be selected not randomly generated and will remain fixed throughout the tournament.


    ·         Mysterious Objectives, Tactical Objectives will not be used.


    ·         Special rules for Citadel Scenery will not be used.



    Monday -Friday    7:00 - 5:30

    Saturday    7:00- 4:30

    Closed Sunday

    Denver 113
    1900 S PEARL ST
    DENVER, CO 80210